The winter dreariness is setting in, so it’s time to review how my Fall theme went. As a reminder, here’s the video about seasonal themes:

CGP Grey – Themes

My Fall theme was “focus,” and I wrote a bit about how it was going in Focus – Fall Seasonal Theme Update. In coming up with a special ritual to get myself into a state of focus, I learned about how it works for me as a replenish-able resource, and a slowly one to replenish at that. Here are the ways that my theme manifested this Fall:



  1. I published my novel! It’s out now! You should buy it: An Unlikely Flock Available Now. This was a huge milestone for me, and multiple sessions of focus helped me do that last push to get it out the door.
  2. Using the focus ritual at work to jump-start my flow state on a project
  3. Photo organizing projects
  4. Rallying myself to clean when I was flared up and distracted
  5. I had two trips this Fall, and intentionally focused on catching up with people. This involved a lot of planning and scheduling and figuring out meetups, but I managed to see just about everyone I hoped to
  6. Some outstanding household projects around the house (like organizing my tool cabinet)
  7. I have a table/altar that I prepare for holidays, and doing the focus ritual for these helped make them more mindful, significant events

Again, as I mentioned in my update, I also learned a lot about intentionally not focusing to let my stamina bar fill back up.

On that note, as the long dark stretches onward, and my mood drags down into gloom, I’ve decided my Winter Theme is going to be “Still.” I’m not exactly sure how it will manifest, but that word resonated with me, so let’s see how it goes.