Usually I try and give a mid-season update on my themes, but not this time. That’s because my winter theme was “still.” Here’s a review of how it went, and a reminder to start thinking of a spring theme of your own.

CGP Grey – Themes

I chose “still” because the Long Dark was weighing heavy upon me, and I knew that I needed to lower all my expectations of my output. Here’s how it manifested:

  1. Every time I would think “I should work on…” I would still my mind and my body for that moment.
  2. I spent a lot of time sitting in a chair with Davis on my lap, drinking tea, listening to rain, and sometimes just watching out the window.
  3. I took the slack week between Christmas and New Year’s VERY seriously. I barely did anything more than lay in my hammock and play Elden Ring
  4. I started doing a thing I call “still baths.” Normally I read or play games or play around on my phone in the bath, but for these I would sit in candlelight and fairy light and lay still in the water, not thinking of anything in particular, just trying to be present.
  5. I did go on some outdoor walks and bird walks, but I took more time just sitting
  6. I went to the aquarium, as one of my favorite ways of being still is to sit and watch fish or water
  7. I still did lots of social times over the holidays, but tried to push them towards gentle gatherings. For example, on Solstice, I had friends over and we just sat around together and read books

Feeling rested, I chose “Movement” for my Spring theme. I’m already seeing it come into play, just by thinking “move” every time I come to a decision crossroads. This has both gotten me to go to the grocery immediately after work, ride my bike even though it was raining, and just go on some walks. But it’s also coming into play in other ways. For example, at the end of the year they are demolishing my apartment building, and so I moved forward with the process of finding a new home, one that I could own. And it’s already led me to a condo! Now to move into it…

I hope your winter went well and you have a spring theme in mind!