First theme review of 2024, and time to set a new one for spring!


CGP Grey – Your Theme


My winter theme was “Screenless,” although I never felt the wording was quite right. I didn’t completely abandon screens, but rather I wanted less screen time overall and for screens to feel like a reward. Fortunately there was plenty to explore: I did all kinds of arts and crafts, like making things out of my Christmas tree. I even whittled a spoon and made incense from the needles! I discovered that jigsaw puzzles are a perfect replacement disassociation activity for scrolling through TikTok or playing Candy Crush.

The theme also got me outside more, even in the wet, unpleasant winter, and I explored the slough and made new journal entries. And often I would participate in social outings when my instincts were to stay at home and play Elden Ring all day. But don’t worry, at night or at the end of a long day of screenless activities, I felt perfectly comfortable indulging in some adventures in the lands between.

I think there are certainly parts of this habit I’ll retain long term. Even right now, in the middle of binging on Balatro, I took a break to work on seedlings for my spring garden. I also picked up the ukulele again, and it turns out my cat likes me to play and sing for him.

Onto this spring, I’m choosing the theme “Community.” I’m not exactly sure it how it will manifest, I just know that I want more of it in my life. So many of my themes have been about changing myself, so it’s time to reach out and get involved with others.