Let’s break in the new blog by talking about SEASONAL THEMES!

CGP Grey – “Your Theme”

Ever since I watched this CGP Grey video about themes I’ve been hooked on them. Something about the method works extremely well for my brain, and I feel like I’ve been able to improve my life and myself bit by bit over time. That’s saying something considering most of the time I’ve been doing these has been over the course of the pandemic.

For Summer, my theme was “replenish.” I spent a lot of resources leading up to my top surgery in May, and wanted to fill up the buckets that were running low. As always with these themes, sometimes they manifested in interesting ways that I didn’t expect, but that’s what’s fun about them!

Here’s how “replenish” showed up this summer: 

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I know what you’re thinking.

“Prof, why on earth would you start such an archaic piece of web presence as a blog in this year of 2022?”

It’s simple enough, I think. In the past I’ve written lots of articles that I was pleased with, and that folks seemed to find extremely helpful. But since they were on other hosted services, they occasionally are lost to time and the whims of the parent sites.

I’m particularly grumpy about my Patreon, which was delisted due to inactivity (which was sensible, since I had moved out of the indie space and no longer needed it), but which meant I lost access to all the game design articles I had written there. Should I have saved local copies of the posts? Probably.

Either way, I want to write more, but I’d rather keep it more under my control so I won’t lose anything again (until I decide, 15 years down the line, that these old posts are embarrassing and archive the whole site). Control!

Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned for the best of Prof’s ramblings. I hope you’ll learn something.